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The Fixed Price Recruitment Company are a permanent recruitment generalist and has recruited for all levels from administrators and contact centre operators to C-Suite levels.  Since 2009 we have worked in pretty much all industry sectors.

The fees charged by the fixed price recruitment company are detailed here. 

We offer two fees:

  1. The first is a lower fee that is payable in full within 30 days of invoice. Under this structure it is backed by our 12-month rebate scheme.
  2. The alternative fee is based upon twelve equal monthly payments.

If the candidate resigns or dies, during their first year of employment with you, then a monetary rebate applies. In the first four weeks, we provide a 100% free replacement recruitment service.  From month two to month six, we will pay back 40% of the original fee to you. From months seven to twelve, we will pay back 20% of the original fee. The only stipulation is that our 30-day payment terms have to be met for the rebate scheme, or free replacement service, to apply.

Also, as an extra benefit, if the candidate resigns during the first six months we will refund 40% of the fee back to you and re-recruit at 40% of the original fee.  This, in real terms, provides a six-month free replacement service.

Our payment terms are 30 days from the candidate starting employment with you.

The fee is based upon the basic salary. Also, you may notice that as a percentage of the basic salary it reduces for higher salaries.

Because we offer an unrivalled level of service at a low fixed fee, we ask for a two week exclusivity period.   If we are unable to provide suitable candidates during this time, then we will release you from our exclusive terms, and you are free to recruit elsewhere?

A full recruitment service, including psychometrics and skills testing that is backed by a twelve-month rebate scheme and offered at the lowest possible fee rates.

Typically we will revert to you in five working days with a shortlist.  However, if your needs are quicker just let us know and we’ll aim to deliver within your timescales.

Absolutely! We pride ourselves on the advice that we provide and all-round industry knowledge.  We are led by hugely experienced recruiters who will tell you if your expectations for the salary are unrealistic.

We strive to make our clients happy

So, let's be happy together. If you would like to change any part of our service, call us on 01908 061406

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